4 Reasons To Consider Having Sleep Apnea Oral Appliance Therapy

Is sleep apnea taking a negative toll on your health and disrupting your intimate relationship? You can get effective treatment for this condition and get a healthy sleeping pattern. Sleep apnea oral therapy uses a wearable dental device to reposition the dental structure during sleep to reduce airway obstruction. This wearable device is non-invasive and a viable alternative to wearing an oral mask. Why should you consider having oral appliance therapy?

1. Develop Healthier Sleep Patterns

Sleep apnea takes a toll on physical health caused by poor sleep patterns. It causes constant feelings of tiredness, irritable moods, and forgetfulness. Also, it causes poor productivity at work for adults and poor concentration for students in class. 

The most notable difference when using sleep apnea oral appliances is convenience in bed, making sleep easier and more comfortable. You don't need to wear a bulky mask or have tangled hoses making turning in bed uncomfortable. With an oral appliance, you are freer to sleep in your favorite position and sleep much better for longer. 

2. Better Physical Health 

With better sleep patterns, your body adapts to its natural circadian rhythm. Your metabolism system works as expected, which reduces the risks of weight gain. You will feel more energetic after a few days of sleep apnea oral therapy. 

The change is also mental because good sleep restores your body's chemical balance, which balances your body's hormones. Your mood will feel improved with less irritability. You will see a change in relationships with the people around you. 

Better mental functioning will also give you improved memory and focus. It has a marked impact on productivity at work or performance in class. 

3. Better Sleep For Your Partner 

Sleep apnea can be disruptive to intimate relationships because partners are often forced to sleep elsewhere. Even when you get conventional therapy, the mask and hoses present a barrier. Sleep apnea oral therapy can be restorative for a relationship. Your partner can easily sleep in the same bed without disruptions and the fear of rolling on your mask.  

4. Lower Risks of Lifestyle Diseases 

Sleep apnea brings the risks of lifestyle diseases because of hormonal imbalance. It also brings on poor diet choices because of cravings for sugary foods. Sleep apnea oral appliance therapy restores your body's chemical balance, reduces these cravings, and reduces the propensity for adding weight. You avoid lifestyle diseases, including hypertension and diabetes. 

Are you looking for workable treatment for sleep apnea? Talk to a dentist about sleep apnea oral appliance therapy and its suitability for your condition. 

For more information on sleep apnea oral appliance therapy, contact a company near you.

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