Reasons To Consider Removable Teeth Aligners Besides The Obvious

When you think of removable teeth aligners, you think of a possible solution to your crooked smile that makes it easier to keep your teeth clean. You also have other benefits besides, which you'll learn about here. Speak to your dentist to see if removable teeth aligners are an option for you, and use this guide to help you understand the less obvious reasons why they benefit you.

They feel more comfortable in your mouth

While introducing any foreign material to your mouth — be it a removable teeth aligner or a dental crown — takes some getting used to, having removable teeth aligners can take less time to get used to than traditional or lingual braces. The reason why is simple: there are no metal brackets and points to worry about and you can also remove your teeth aligners to brush your teeth, which you cannot do with traditional braces.

They are not as noticeable as other dental correction tools

You can see metal braces when they are on your teeth, even if you choose clear bands. Even ceramic or lingual braces are noticeable to the eye and can make it hard to be discreet with your dental care. While the most beneficial reason for removable teeth aligners may be that they can be taken out and changed out as needed, another benefit is this: they're clear. Unless someone knows you're wearing them or sees you put them in or take them out, you can wear your removable teeth aligners discreetly.

They offer similar dental benefits as traditional braces

If your main reason for considering braces is to get straighter teeth, then what you need to pay attention to regarding removable teeth aligners is how effective they are regarding achieving a straighter smile. In many ways, your clear removable teeth aligners provide the same benefits as traditional braces and can be worn pretty much the same amount of time to see great results.

Your dentist will be able to tell you if you need more extensive dental care, but if you don't, then removable teeth aligners can be just what you need. When you have removable teeth aligners put in place, you'll wear them for a set amount of time, then you'll change them out for a new set of aligners as your teeth change shape. Over time, you will have your teeth straightened as much as they can be without further dental correction, leading to noticeably improved results.

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