2 Tips For Living With Invisible Braces

Have you decided to get invisible braces to make some long overdue corrections to the placement of your teeth? If so, you should know that there will be some adjustments to your daily life when you have to wear them every day. Here is what you can expect when it comes to living with invisible braces.

You Cannot Eat or Drink Colored Beverages With the Trays In

One of the things that you will have to adjust to is what you can drink when you wear the plastic alignment trays. If you are used to sipping on coffee or soda during the day, know that it should not be done while you have the invisible trays in your mouth. All of those beverages can make the plastic stain, which will no longer make them invisible. The only beverage that you can drink is water since it won't cause the trays to stain. 

In addition, you'll want to stay away from wearing the plastic trays and drinking beverages that are very hot. It is possible that it could cause the alignment trays to melt or become deformed, which will ruin the trays. Even if you think you can get away with drinking hot coffee on the last day you are scheduled to wear the trays, know that there is staining and tray deformation to worry about. Even if you try to have the liquid bypass the trays by using a straw, it can still flow towards the back of the trays and ruin in them in that spot.

You also will not be able to eat anything when you are wearing the trays either. The trays are not designed to withstand the pressure from chewing, which will also cause them to become deformed over the treatment period. 

You Can Only Remove the Trays for 2 Hours a Day

While the plastic trays are removable, that does not mean they should be removed whenever you want to take them out. You'll only be able to remove the trays for about 2 hours every day, which should give you enough time to eat and brush your teeth. If you are keeping the trays out for any longer than that, such as overnight or extended periods during the day, it can result in the alignment process not working correctly. You may get to your next set of alignment trays and realize that your teeth are not in the correct position yet.

For more information on invisible braces, contact your dentist.

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