3 Reasons Why Dental Assistants Should Consider Teeth Whitening Training

Dental assisting can be a rewarding, interesting career since you get to perform a variety of tasks and perform a valued service for your patients. Another great benefit of this career path is that you have the opportunity to continually expand your skill-set. If you are looking to improve your resume, you may want to look into online teeth whitening certification courses. Here are just three reasons why this type of certification is beneficial to dental assistants.

Makes You More Marketable to Employers

Like any other job, acquiring a new skill can help set you apart from other applicants if you are searching for employment. For instance, while some dental assistants work solely in general dentistry clinics, others learn specialized skills so they can assist dentists in endodontics, periodontics, pediatrics, and so on.

Are you interested in assisting in an orthodontic office? One survey found that about 88% of orthodontists in the U.S. had patients who were requesting tooth whitening. If a prospective employer sees that you've been certified to whiten teeth, then that may be enough to get your foot in the door.

Can Count Towards Your Continuing Education Credits

Every state is different, but you usually have to complete continuing education credits (C.E. hours), such as CPR or blood-borne pathogen training, each year to maintain your dental assistant registration or certification.

If your state or your dental employer requires more C.E. hours, your employer may even be willing to pay for any courses you might be interested in, like teeth whitening certification. Why? The more you know, the more you can contribute to the dentist's practice. For instance, if you are certified to do coronal polishing, then the dentist or hygienist doesn't have to do that task and can see more patients throughout the day.

Even if you only get certified to take impressions for whitening trays, Dental Economics says that the time it takes to train a dental auxiliary to do a task is worth the value since these trays can be reused and encourage patients to purchase whitening gels.

Increases Your Pay Grade

If you are a registered dental assistant, you may be starting out with entry-level pay. However, if you take pursue additional training, like whitening certification courses, you may be able to increase your pay and/or work toward expanded functions dental assistant (EFDA) certification. Along with teeth whitening, some EFDAs are also able to apply other new skills, like placing sealants. However, keep in mind that every state has different requirements, so an EFDA in one state may be able to do more than an EFDA in another state. It's important to check out the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) to see what assisting certifications are required for your state.

Reach out to a dental professional in your area today to learn more about online teeth whitening training courses.

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