Know Your Options When You Need Dentures To Replace Missing Teeth

Traditional dentures that fit into your mouth using adhesive to keep them in place are only one of your options when you have missing teeth. Whether you need a full set of teeth or are looking for partial dentures for an area in your mouth that doesn't have teeth, your denture service provider will talk to you about your choices. If only one tooth is missing, you can replace one missing tooth with a dental implant. In an area with several missing teeth in a row, a bridge or partial denture is often used. Dentures only for your upper row, lower row, or dentures that are secured in your mouth using implant technology are also possible.

When You Don't Have Any Teeth

If you don't have any teeth or are looking at getting any remaining teeth you have pulled, it's time to look at your options for a full set of dentures. When you want dentures that are a more secure fit, you can talk to your dentist about implant-secured dentures. You are still able to take out your dentures each night when you have implant-supported dentures, but you don't have to rely on adhesives to keep your dentures in place.

If You Need Partial Dentures

Partial dentures can be used to fill in areas where you have missing teeth in your mouth. If you aren't interested in getting dental implants and you have an area where a tooth is missing, a partial denture can be created. This will look and feel like your missing tooth, but it will be attached to nearby teeth when it is in place. You will take out partial dentures to clean them, to sleep, and when you don't want to wear them.

Customized Dentures to Meet Your Dental Needs

Modern dentures go beyond the traditional dentures once available. You can get customized dentures that are pigmented to look like natural gum tissue. If you are looking for a natural set of teeth, customized dentures are the way to go. When you invest in a set of customized dentures, you will have more options when it comes to choosing the shade of the teeth and how long your warranty will last.

Dentures come in a variety of ways. You can get basic dentures when you are simply looking for an easier way to eat, or you can go the higher-end route and get customized dentures that look like your natural teeth.

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