4 Causes Of Toothache Pain

A toothache is not something that usually pops up out of nowhere. Instead, toothaches generally begin with minor symptoms. You may feel some discomfort, or you might feel more sensitivity with your teeth than usual. If you ignore these minor symptoms, they may escalate into a full-blown toothache, and here are four common causes of toothache pain you should know about.

1. Issues with teeth from grinding

If you are a nighttime grinder, you could suddenly feel tooth pain from the act of grinding. Grinding slowly damages teeth, but one day it could cause enough damage to leave you in pain. If you believe this is the cause of your tooth pain, talk to a dentist. You might need treatment for your teeth, and you might need to wear a nightguard from this point on. A nightguard protects teeth and stops the damage caused by grinding.

2. Cavities in your teeth

A cavity in a tooth is another cause of toothache pain, and even small cavities can lead to pain. A cavity is made of decay, and the decay eats away your tooth structure. The result is a loss of enamel, and when you lose enamel, you can feel pain. Additionally, if the decay gets past the tooth structure, it can get into the roots, causing an infection. If you have an infection in a tooth, it can cause a really bad toothache.

3. Gum disease

You might not realize that gum disease can also lead to toothache pain. Gum disease is an infection of the gums. Having an infection in the gums can be painful in itself, but when you have this, it can also cause an infection in the roots of teeth.

4. Cracks in teeth

A crack in one of your teeth is another thing that can lead to a really bad toothache, and you might not even know there is a crack there. A crack allows bacteria inside the tooth and into the roots. This, too, can cause an infection. If you develop an infection in any tooth, it will be painful and will require treatment. If you suspect this is the problem, contact a clinic immediately.

If you are starting to feel a toothache coming in, call a dentist right away. The pain will only get worse if there is a serious problem with a tooth or with your gums, and getting treated right away is the best solution. For more information, contact your local dental care provider today. 

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