Avoiding The Dentist Due To A Lack Of Insurance And Limited Funds? Apply For Medicaid To Get Coverage

Has it been quite some time since you visited the dental office because you do not have any insurance? If you are on a fixed, limited income and are struggling to afford various living expenses, you might not visit the dentist because you do not want another bill to add on to the number of bills that you already have to deal with. If this is the reason for not receiving dental care, you need to know that Medicaid is available for low-income individuals. It is because of this federal program that many people can receive the dental treatment they need.

Why You Should Not Avoid Dental Visits

Understandably, you would want to avoid dealing with out-of-pocket dental expenses when you do not have any type of dental insurance to cover the cost of cleanings, X-rays, and other dental treatments, including fillings and root canals. However, you should not avoid dental visits because that is how you can end up with more dental problems in the future. If you are not seeing the dentist, you may not know if you have a cavity that is developing or if you have tartar that needs to get removed. A dentist would identify any issues that are going on with your teeth or gums and then talk to you about treatment options. Without seeing the dentist, you could experience toothaches caused by cavities that will only get a lot worse over time.

What to Do When You Do Not Have Dental Insurance

If you are worried about affording the cost of dental treatments because you do not have insurance, you can visit your local county assistance office to complete an application for Medicaid. A staff member at the office will talk to you about income guidelines that would make you eligible for this program. If you are making less than a certain amount each month, your application for Medicaid will be approved, and you will then have the dental coverage you need. The insurance company can even help you find a dental provider in your area who accepts Medicaid and will gladly take care of your teeth.

Not having dental insurance is a common reason for people to avoid making appointments and receiving treatment for different issues, such as decay, plaque, and tartar. However, you may be eligible for Medicaid, a federal program that provides dental insurance to low-income individuals. It would not hurt to apply, find out if you get approved, and then visit the dentist with your Medicaid dental coverage that greatly reduces the cost of the dental treatment you will receive.

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