Is Invisalign Or Clear Braces The Better Option For You?

Even though there are still a lot of people that prefer standard metal braces, there are more options today for those who want to straighten their teeth. There are now less visible choices for straightening teeth. Clear braces and Invisalign are two good choices, but one might be a better fit for you. Here are some basic differences between clear braces and Invisalign interventions to help you decide what selection suits your way of life.

Invisalign Braces Are Easier To Remove

Invisalign is a set of trays that are made to conform perfectly to the patient's teeth. One must wear each tray for a few weeks, and then the patient removes it and goes to another tray. After the series of trays has been worn, the treatment will be completed, and the teeth will be in the right place. Invisalign trays are transparent, and there are many people that don't even realize they're there. Patients may be more comfortable because the trays are easy to remove and clean. Patients would be free to eat and drink without thinking of staining. However, this course of action requires more orthodontic visits to check progress. It also requires more patient discipline, as some people are reluctant to put back the trays after brushing their teeth or snacking. 

Clear Braces Are More Noticeable

Clear braces are attached to your teeth, and although they may be made to blend with the color of your teeth or transparent, they are placed on the exterior of the teeth, which ensures they are more perceptible than the plastic trays used in Invisalign. That doesn't show that Invisalign is superior but that the trays are less visible than the clear braces.

Clear Braces Could Be Better For Complex Cases

Clear braces are made of a special, ceramic substance to complement the natural color of the teeth. They are like existing metal braces, but they are more fragile and costly. Clear braces are easily discolored when consuming food and beverages. The main advantage they have against the Invisalign braces is that they can repair difficult and extreme cases. They also need less upkeep, with alterations only required once a month. Thanks to the constant shuffling of teeth, Invisalign may need far more revisions.

It can be complicated trying to figure out the best braces for you. It might depend on a variety of factors, such as your budget, activities, your individual teeth, and the outcomes you want. If you have a complicated case, such as an overbite or crooked teeth, the best option for you could be clear braces. If you desire convenience and a discrete option. Invisalign might be the better choice. Contact an orthodontist to find the correct treatment option for you.

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