Have Old Metal Fillings? Why Replace This Material With Resin

Did you have cavities filled many years ago with metal filling material? If so, you may be to the point where you are considering having them replaced with a resin material. Here are some reasons to replace that old material, even if you think your tooth is perfectly fine.

Metal Fillings Can Crack

One of the problems with having a metal tooth filling is that it can crack over the years. It may not happen soon, but it's very possible at some point down the line that it will develop a crack in the surface. This crack will allow bacteria to get behind the filling in a place where you cannot clean it, which will cause decay to form underneath. This can lead to some big dental problems, such as pain and a potential root canal.

Metal Fillings Look Bad

If you have the metal filling in a tooth that is visible, that metal filling likely does not look that great. People may see it when you smile, and it just sticks out in a bad way. A resin filling is going to match the color of your tooth, which will blend in much easier. Others won't even be able to tell that you have a filling in your tooth since it will blend in with the surrounding material.

Metal Fillings Release Harmful Vapor

You may not be aware that those metal fillings contain very low levels of a material called mercury. It actually releases a harmful vapor in your mouth over time, which is not safe to breathe in. Some dental patients prefer to be safe and have their metal fillings removed because they would rather not take the chance of the long term exposure to mercury vapor.

Metal Fillings Can Leak

The metal filling may have looked fine at the time they were put in, but over time that metal material can leak into your tooth. It can cause the tooth to look a bit discolored as it slowly takes on the color of the metal material.

Think you're ready to have metal fillings removed? Reach out to your dentist for more information. The process of removing a metal filling is very similar to having a cavity filled, where the metal will be removed from your mouth, the surface will be cleaned, and the new resin material will be placed in your tooth. The process shouldn't take much longer than having a standard cavity filled.

For more information, contact a local dental clinic.

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