Did A Part Of A Tooth Break Off? Know Your Options To Fix It

Did you recently have a problem where you lost a portion of your tooth? If so, you're likely wondering how a dentist is going to fix it. Here are some solutions for fixing a broken tooth so that you can be well aware of your options. 

Dental Bonding

The easiest and most affordable option will be to use dental bonding. This can be used to replace a significant portion of the tooth if the root has not been exposed, since the root would still be intact. Your dentist will build up the part of the tooth that is missing with bonding material, which can be done in a single day within the office. The goal will be to leave that same day with a bonded tooth that looks and feels like your tooth before it was damaged.

While dental bonding is fast and affordable, it will not last forever. Don't be surprised if your restored tooth becomes damaged again at some point as the bonding material breaks down.

Dental Crown

Your dentist can also fix the tooth by placing a dental crown on it. This may require removing more of the natural tooth so that the crown can surround the entire tooth and go down to the gums. This will give the tooth the strength it needs to chew through foods and last a long time.

The downside to a dental crown is the cost and the time it requires to get one. Expect to make two trips to the dentist, one to take the mold and another to install the crown. Some dentists offer a same day crown procedure when they can fabricate it in their office, but others require two trips when the crown must be created at an external lab. 

Dental Veneer

If a small part of the tooth chipped off, it is possible to fix it with a dental veneer. This is a thin porcelain shell that is attached to the front of the tooth to hide the visible damage. The tooth that is chipped needs to be healthy before applying the porcelain shell to the surface, since any decay trapped underneath the veneer will continue to get worse. 

Much like with a dental crown, a veneer can require multiples to have installed. Thankfully, a small chip should not be that big of a deal or cause pain while you wait for the veneer to be made. 

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